This is a whole-hearted recommendation for Gary Sawyers and GLS Construction.
We first used Gary over 31 years ago. We have built and remodeled regularly over those 31 years, and each time did not think of calling anyone but Gary. He is knowledgeable, fair, timely and totally and completely reliable. He will always the extra mile for you, and has a “can-do” personality, –if he cannot produce what you need, he will find someone who can.
Not only have we always received what we desired from Gary, but he is a pleasure to work with. We think very highly of him, and think anyone who uses his construction company with be pleased.
– Donald & Joanne Brodsky, Securities Lawyer, & R.N – Houston, TX

You know you have a good builder when you still like one another at the end of a project. You know you have a great builder when you hire the builder for a second project.
Gary Sawyers is a great builder! Late in 1984, Gary took our traditional 30 year old story and a half and transformed it into a contemporary 2 story home. He claimed he could complete the project in 4 months, but I was skeptical and entered into a 6 month lease on a rental property. Despite some bad weather, we were in, as promised, 3 days before the birth of our third child. Gary is master of scheduling and has a great rapport with his subcontractors. There was never a day where on trade person waited for another to complete their work and there was never a day when someone wasn’t working on the house.
In 2005, we bought a lot from a builder that required us to use the builder for the construction of the house. It took a year to design the house and after 2 years of construction we were still not anywhere near completion. We were not completely sheet rocked: there was no cabinetry, flooring, trim or granite. We made a decision to find Gary and hire him to finish the construction. We moved in 5 months later despite having to rework some of the previous builder’s errors and overcoming some architectural issues.
In addition to doing great work, Gary is fun to work with. He is dependable, honest, very creative and has a great “eye.” Even more important, he is a great communicator and encourages constant feedback. His practical knowledge and experience makes him an excellent problem solver and trouble shooter. My wife made substantial contributions to the design of our house and had a definite vision. Gary not only understood her vision, but many times was able to enhance her vision.
As was the case with our first remodel, we were sad to say “good bye” to Gary at the end of the project. My wife and I highly recommend Gary without any qualifications. Since one of my areas of expertise is construction transactions, including custom homes, I have come into contact with numerous custom home builders and remodelers. I would rank Gary among the best for quality, timely delivery, responsibility and excellent management, as well as prompt payment of subcontractors and suppliers.
– Bruce Merwin – Partner, Haynes and Boone, LLP