The Process



Initial Contact:

By phone or email. Outline project, and schedule meeting.


Consultation in the space:

The homeowner’s budget, style aesthetic, and satisfaction form the foundation of the project. We consult with you on site to share in a vision of your ideas and financial considerations. An overview of the project and your specific needs emerges. We work with you to complete the picture, and make it a reality.

  • Discuss budget considerations and work expectations.
  • Determine function of the space: How the space will be used is a key factor in making your room unique and functional.
  • Establish Style Aesthetic: Our design expertise is at your service.
  • Clarify Specific Ideas and Preferences: We cater to one of a kind projects, and custom design work.
  • Set Time Frame for the Project: Preliminary scheduling and scope of job projections are discussed.



  • Written Proposal: submitted by Contractor, agreed upon by Homeowner. A detailed, line itemed cost proposal is provided.
  • Written Contract: signed by Homeowner and Contractor. No surprises! Your construction contract details cost, date of job completion, and provisions in writing for any changes.



  • We coordinate with the architect, designer and homeowner. We keep an open line of communication to insure your home concept is running on time and meeting your expectations.
  • We oversee and manage your project as a whole.
  • We use only quality materials.
  • We implement a consistent work schedule, finish the job on time, and maintain high standard in the quality of our work.
  • We can be readily reached to address any concerns during your home project.